Service Offerings

The BRC has six services offerings.

  • study design  
  • sample size determination
  • data analysis
  • manuscript preparations
  • grant applications
  • IRB proposal preparations

Study Design
The study design is a key component for the success of a research project.  Biostatisticians from BRC will work closely with investigators to determine the best design for their research questions.

Sample Size Determination
The sample size determination is related to the study design which dictates the sample size estimation method. Appropriate sample size will ensure the study to have enough statistical power to test the hypothesis so that true significant findings are not missed due to the limited sample size.

Data Analysis
BRC statisticians use the state-of-art analytical tools to analyze research data. Data analysis could be simple descriptive analysis, statistical table and graph generation, univariate statistical analysis, or multivariate analysis for complicated data structure.

Manuscript Preparations
Biostatisticians in BRC can help investigators to prepare the statistical method section for scientific publications, ensure appropriate presentation of tables, figures, and analytical results including important p-values. Biostatisticians also help address the reviewers’ comments related to statistical analysis and results.

Grant Applications
Biostatisticians in BRC can help investigators prepare the statistical design, sample size justification, and data analysis plan for a variety of grant proposals.

IRB Proposal Preparations
To ensure success of IRB proposals, BRC statisticians can help in the study design and preparation for appropriate analysis plan for proposed research projects. 

BRC’s services can be requested by completing a  simple request form  and sending it to
.  You will receive a response from the BRC within 24 hours regarding your request.   


























































































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