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Biostatistics Research Core
Statistical Support Options and Rates

Biostatistics Research Core (BRC) of Children’s Memorial Research Center (CMRC) was established in 2009 with a mission is to provide statistical services to all Children’s Memorial investigators.  The aim of the BRC is to foster a collaborative relationship with the researchers it services and charges are based on a mutual acceptable arrangement of service charges.  The BRC provides statistical support and consultation for researchers in basic science, clinical science, and population based research areas.

BRC Statistical Support Offerings

Biostatisticians from BRC provide statistical input for research projects, prepare the statistical sections for grant proposals, scientific presentations and scientific publications, and provide support on statistical issues for IRB proposals.

BRC Biostatisticians assist in the following areas:

  • study design  
  • sample size determination  
  • data analysis  
  • manuscript preparations  
  • grant applications  
  • IRB proposal preparations  

Statisticians in the BRC work closely with investigators to achieve their research and career development goals. 


Engaging BRC 


One-hour initial consultation to determine the needs of the investigator is available at no charge.   During the consultation project hours, project goals, and arrangement of service charges will be discussed and outlined.


Resident’s, Fellow’s, or Post Doc project:  Statistical services are available at no charge for up to ten hours.  Arrangement of compensation for hours over the ten hours will be negotiated between the resident/fellow and BRC using the waiver form.


Nursing projects: Will receive up to 10 hours free statistical support.  Arrangement of compensation for hours over the 10 hours will be negotiated between the investigator and the BRC using the waiver form.

Assistant professor with less than or equal to 3 years and with no funding
:  will also receive up to 10 hours free statistical support.  Arrangement of compensation for hours over the 10 hours will be negotiated between the investigator and the BRC using the waiver form.

All other faculty members:
will receive up to 4 hours of free project work.  


Scholarly Activities: The BRC will waive all charges for biostatistical services for the following three categories of scholarly activities:

  1. Preparation of Proposals to external agencies (e.g., NIH)
  2. Preparation of Manuscripts for Submission to peer-reviewed journal
  3. Preparation of senior projects for residents 

Submitting deadline: To provide the best service on all projects, the BRC asks investigators to give sufficient project lead time.  It is strongly recommended investigators submit at least four weeks before the project due date. 


Statistical Support Options and Rates 

Investigators can choose from the following options: 

  • Grant support  
  • Subscription  
  • Hourly rates 

Grant support
An investigator within the institution has the option to list our faculty biostatisticians and/or statistical analysts as personnel on their grant submission for ongoing collaboration.  In this case, a percentage of the individual biostatistician’s salary (based on the effort required) including fringe benefits will be charged directly to the grant account during the project period. 

The subscription method is recommended for investigators requiring many hours of consultation for lengthy projects.  Investigators can retain a percentage of an individual faculty and/or analyst time for a specified number of months.  A minimum of 5% effort and continuous 6 months duration is preferred for subscriptions.  Subscription costs are calculated based on the individual biostatistician’s salary and the percent effort desired.  The investigator is also responsible for fringe benefits and indirect costs (F&A) associated with carrying out the project.  Therefore, salary, fringe benefits, and indirect costs determine the total cost.  Estimates will be provided upon request.  Payment schedules can be negotiated. Departments, Divisions, or Programs can have subscriptions as a whole for their investigators, especially fellows, residents, junior investigators, and investigators with little or no resources for BRC services.   

Hourly rates
The current hourly rate for faculty and analyst time is $ 70 for internal users.  Hourly rates for external users are $105 per hour and may change without notice. The current rates have been approved and are effective during the 2010-2011 Fiscal Years (9/1/2009-8/31/2011).  

Once the details of the hourly rate charges have been agreed upon by the investigator and the BRC, the investigator will be billed on an hourly basis and billed monthly until the completion of the project.  For internal clients (Children’s Memorial departments, programs, and divisions), a cost center and/or fund number is required for payment via an internal cost transfer.  With an internal cost transfer, funds (payment) are transferred from your fund to the center’s account thereby eliminating the need for checks.  For external clients, invoices will be sent electronically (or mail if preferred).   External clients are not eligible for subscription rates. Checks should be made payable to Children’s Memorial Research Center. 

Co-authorship is generally expected for scientific publication on studies where substantive input (based on the accepted criteria for most medical journals) on the design and analysis is provided by biostatisticians. 


Waivers or reduction of total charges may be granted by CMRC senior leadership.  The requests must be submitted to the BRC Director in writing and must clearly justify the reasons for the request, using the waiver form.


Since these resources are limited, priority will be given to assisting the following: investigators from department/division with salary support BRC faculty preparation of proposals which include salary support for BRC faculty, investigators who have an external funding which include salary support for BRC faculty, and research of residents, fellows, faculty members who have been at Children’s Memorial for less than five years.

It is strongly recommended investigators submit at least four weeks before the project’s due date. 







































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