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Technical Information

Access to BD Biosciences FACSAria Web site  
(Contains information as well as video)

BD Biosciences Flourescence Spectrum Viewer  
This applet will help you determine which fluorochomes to 
consider using for your sorting experiments. It takes a few 
seconds to load, so be patient. Under "Cytometer", use
the pull down menu to select "FACSAria". You can toggle
excitation and emission spectra on/off, or magnify the spectral
area by dragging the cursor left to right. Double clicking on
the spectra will return to normal magnification.

Link to Fluorochrome Table - Salk Flow Cytometry Facility   
This is an excellent table of fluorochromes which contains
excitation and emission maxima, as well as molecular weights 
and notes.

Exitation and Emission Spectra for BD Living Colors(TM)
Fluorescent Proteins  
This site contains spectral characteristics of GFP and related proteins.

BD Living Colors FAQs - Multi-color Labeling
A useful site containing questions and answers concerning the use of 
BD fluorescent probes. Check out the links along the right panel.

Other Useful Technical Resources

Examples in Cell Preparaton for FACSAria Sorting

Informational Brochure on BD FACSAria High Speed Cell Sorter

BD Biosciences Fluorochrome Reference Chart

Introduction to Flow Cytometry Manual

Technical Specifications Brochure