CHDL Data Briefs


Date                  Topic     Data source 
May 2011    Homicides of School-Aged Children and Adolescents  IVDRS
April 2011 Youth Risk Behaviors: Changes over time   YRBS
Mar. 2011 Motor Vehicle Crashes  SCRIPTS
Feb. 2011      Mental Health and Sexual Orientation   YRBS
Jan. 2011 Unintentional Poisonings  SCRIPTS
Oct. 2010 Youth Dating Violence  YRBS
Sept. 2010 Injuries Resulting from Sports and Outdoor Activities   SCRIPTS
July 2010     Firearm Injuries to Youth  SCRIPTS
May 2010 Sexual Activity Among Adolescents  YRBS
Apr. 2010    Motor Vehicle Risks for Adolescents  YRBS
Mar. 2010 Sleep-Related Infant Deaths  IVDRS
Feb. 2010 Adolescent Suicide  SCRIPTS
Jan. 2010 Adolescent Physical Inactivity  YRBS
Nov. 2009     Access to Health Care  IHS
Oct. 2009 Unintentional Burns  SCRIPTS
Sept. 2009 Depression Among Adolescents      YRBS
Aug. 2009 Unintentional Falls      SCRIPTS
July 2009 Intimate Partner Violence and Racial Disparities in Violent Death 



 IVDRS: Illinois Violent Death Reporting System  

 IHS: Illinois Health Survey  

 YRBS: Youth Risk Behavior Survey  

 SCRIPTS: State and Community Reports on Injury Prevalence and Targeted Solutions  


Previous reports:

SCRIPTS: State & Community Reports on Injury Prevalence & Targeted Solutions - 
SCRIPTS V: Child and Adolescent Injury in Illinois 2006
SCRIPTS IV: Child and Adolescent Injury in Chicago 2005
SCRIPTS III: Child and Adolescent Well-Being in Chicago 2002
SCRIPTS II: Child and Adolescent Injury in Chicago 2001
SCRIPTS I: Child and Adolescent Injury in Illinois 2000 
Illinois Violent Death Reporting System -
Vol 1, No 3: Overview and domestic violence, 2009
Vol 1, No 2: Youth victims of violence, 2008
Vol 1, No 1: Overview, 2007  

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