CMRC Children's Memorial Research Center
Short Gut Syndrome

Healthy children six months–six years of age are needed to serve as control subjects in clinical research study examining intestinal permeability in children with short gut syndrome (problems that occur when youngsters are missing large portions of the intestine from either birth defects or surgery).

Volunteers will be asked to make one study visit to the outpatient General Clinical Research Center at Children's Memorial Hospital and will be reimbursed $25 and parking expenses (in the hospital's parking garage) .

The study procedures for the volunteers include

  • growth measurements such as weight, length/height, and skinfold measurements.
  • anon-invasive intestinal permeability test. The test involves drinking a solution containing a mixture of two natural sugars called mannitol and lactulose, then collecting urine samples for three–five hours.

Intestinal permeability is determined by measuring the concentration of the two sugars in urine.

Please call Dr. Timothy Sentongo at 773.880.4916 or Christina Abaya at 773.975.8523 for more details.