Selected Publications

Ma, Y. C., Song, M. R., Park, J. P., Ho, H. H., Hu, L., Kurtev, M., Zieg, J., Ma, Q., Pfaff, S. L., and Greenberg, M. E. 2008. Regulation of motor neuron specification by GSK3-mediated phosphorylation of Neurogenin 2. Neuron, 58:65-77.
Neuron Previews on this paper: Lai, H.C. and Johnson, J.E. 2008. Neurogenesis or Neuronal Specification: Phosphorylation Strikes Again! Neuron, 58:3-5.

Datta, S. R., Ranger, A. M., Lin, M. Z., Sturgill, J. F., Ma, Y. C., Cowan, C. W., Dikkes. P., Korsmeyer, S. J., and Greenberg, M. E. 2002. Survival factor-mediated BAD phosphorylation raises the mitochondrial threshold for apoptosis. Developmental Cell, 3(5): 631-43.

Lowry, W. E., Huang, J., Ma, Y. C., Ali, S., Wang, D., Williams, D. M., Okada, M., Cole, P. A., and Huang, X. Y. 2002. Csk, a critical link of protein signals to actin cytoskeletal reorganization. Developmental Cell, 2(6): 733-44.

Zheng, B.*, Ma, Y. C.*, Ostrom, R. S., Insel, P. A., Huang, X. Y. and Farquhar, M. G. 2001. RGS-PX1, a GAP for Gas and sorting nexin in vesicular trafficking. Science, 294:1939-42. (*Equal contribution)
Science Perspectives on this paper: Zastrow, M.V. and Mostov, K. 2001. A new thread in an intricate web. Science, 294:1845-47

Ma, Y. C., Huang, J., Ali, S., Lowry, W., and Huang, X. Y. 2000. Src tyrosine kinase is a novel direct effector of G proteins. Cell, 102: 635-646.

Ma, Y. C. and Huang, X. Y. 1998. Identification of the binding site for Gqa on its effector Bruton's tyrosine kinase. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci., USA 95:12197-12201.


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