Alexandre de Andrade
andrade Post Doctoral Associate, Cancer Biology and Epigenomics Program

[email protected]

2300 Children's Plaza
Box 220 Room C.557
Chicago, IL 60614
Phone: (773) 880-4000 ext 57409
Fax: (773) 755-6551 

  Year Degree Institution
  2005    PhD in Biochemistry Universidade of Sao Paulo 
  2000 Bachelor's in Chemistry   Universidade of Sao Paulo 

Work Experience  
  Period Description Organization
  January 2006 - Present  Post Doctoral Associate  Children's Memorial Research Center, Department of Cancer Biology and Epigenomics 
  2001 - 2006 Chemistry teacher Curso Destaque 
  1996 - 1998 Chemistry teacher Delta Curso Universitario

Recent Publications 
  Siviero, F.; Rezende-Teixeira, P.; Andrade, A.; Machado-Santelli, G.M.; Santelli, R.V. (2006). Analysis of Expressed Sequenced Tags from Rhynchosciara americana Salivary Glands. Insect Molecular Biology: 109-118.
  Andrade, A.; Teixeira, P. R.; Siviero, F.; Santelli R. V. (2005). A Shortcut in Phage Screening Technique. Genetics and Molecular Biology: 150-151.
  Andrade, A.; Namora, S. F.; Woisky, R. G.; Weizel, G.; Najjar, R.; Sertié, J. A. A.; Silva, D. O. (2000). Synthesis and Characterization of a Diruthenium-Ibuprofenato Complex Comparing its Anti-inflammatory Activity with that of a Copper(II)-Ibuprofenato Complex. Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry: 23-27

  2000- 2005 - National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq) Ph.D. fellowship in Brazil

  Alexandre attended the University of São Paulo in Brazil where he got a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry. During this time, he spent four years working in a laboratory that studied bioinorganic chemistry. There he worked on synthesizing and studying the interactions of dimetalic units of ruthenium and copper compounds and their potential roles as anti-inflammatory drugs. As a graduate student he performed research on the DNA amplification of the polytene chromosomes of the fly, Rhynchosciara americana. He focused on heat shock family genes, involved in the folding of proteins synthesized during a period concomitant with DNA amplification.

Currently, Alexandre is a post doctoral associate in Dr. Soares' lab where he is working on integrated analysis of the genome, epigenome, and transcriptome in normal and cancer cells. Ultimately, his work will generate a genome landscape of hypo- and hyper-methylated regions. This will be obtained using DNA extracted from normal and tumor tissues. The comparison of both landscapes will also identify regions of chromosomal rearrangements including deletions, duplications, and inversions.

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