Fabricio F. Costa

Post-Doctoral Associate II, Cancer Biology and Epigenomics Program

2300 Children's Plaza
Box 220 Room C.557
Chicago, IL 60614-3394
Phone: (773) 880-4000 ext 57312

  Year  Degree Institution
  2004 PhD in Oncology/Cancer Genetics Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research / Hospital A. C. Camargo
  1999 B.S. - Biochemistry and Immunology   Federal University of Minas Gerais 

Work Experience  
  Period Description Organization
  April 2006 - Present Post-Doctoral Associate II  Children's Memorial Research Center and Northwestern University 
  November 2004 - March 2006  Post-Doctoral Fellow Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School
  April 2004 - August 2004 Junior Researcher Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research / Hospital A. C. Camargo 

Recent Publications  
  Costa FF (In Press). Non-coding RNAs, epigenetics and complexity. Gene.
  Wurdinger T, Costa FF (November, 2007). An expert commentary entitled “The potential of miRNA modulators as targeted oncology therapies - an update”. Spectrum Newspaper for Pharmaceutical Industry Dynamics - Dealmaking and Financing: 15-26, 15-27
  Wurdinger T, Costa FF (October, 2007). Molecular therapy in the microRNA era. Pharmacogenomics J: 7(5):297-304.
  Postovit LM, Costa FF, Bischof JM, Seftor EA, Wen B, Seftor RE, Feinberg AP, Soares MB, Hendrix MJ (July, 2007). The commonality of plasticity underlying multipotent tumor cells and embryonic stem cells. J Cell Biochem: 101(4):908-17
  Mack GS (June, 2007). Interviewed and cited in a feature article in the Nature Biotechnology Journal entitled “MicroRNA gets down to business”. Nat Biotechnol: 25(6):631-8.
  Wurdinger T, Costa FF (May, 2007). A spectrum expert commentary entitled “The potential of miRNA modulators as targeted oncology therapies”. Spectrum Newspaper for Pharmaceutical Industry Dynamics: 5-25
  Costa FF, Le Blanc K, Brodin B (March, 2007). Concise review: cancer/testis antigens, stem cells, and cancer. Stem Cells: 25(3):707-11.
  Costa FF (January, 2007). Non-coding RNAs: lost in translation?. Gene: 386(1-2):1-10.
  Costa FF, Paixão VA, Cavalher FP, Ribeiro KB, Cunha IW, Rinck JA, O'Hare M, Mackay A, Soares FA, Brentani RR, Camargo AA (March, 2006). SATR-1 hypomethylation is a common and early event in breast cancer. Cancer Genetics and Cytogenetics: 165(2):135-43.
  Costa FF (September, 2005). Non-coding RNAs: new players in eukaryotic biology. Gene: 357(2):83-94.
  Costa FF (August, 2005). Non-coding RNAs: functional molecules or a quality control error? A comment on: BabaK T, Blencowe BJ and Hughes TR. A systematic search for new mammalian noncoding RNAs indicates little conserved intergenic transcription. BMC Genomics: 6: 104.
  Costa FF, Colin C, Shinjo SM, Zanata SM, Marie SK, Sogayar MC, Camargo AA (June, 2005). ADAM23 methylation and expression analysis in brain tumors. Neuroscience Letters: 380(3):260-4.
  Costa FF, Verbisck NV, Salim AC, Ierardi DF, Pires LC, Sasahara RM, Sogayar MC, Zanata SM, Mackay A, O'Hare M, Soares F, Simpson AJ, Camargo AA (February, 2004). Epigenetic silencing of the adhesion molecule ADAM23 is highly frequent in breast tumors. Oncogene: 23(7):1481-8.
  Abrantes EF, Pires EG, Carvalho AF, Costa FF, Savino W, Reis LF (June, 2003). Identification, structural characterization and tissue distribution of Tsg-5: a new TNF-stimulated gene. Genes and Immunity: 4(4):298-311.
  Fabricio F. Costa and Anamaria A. Camargo (2003). Bases da Oncologia 2nd edition - Chapter 5: Oncogenes and Tumor Supressor Genes.
  Gontijo NF, Almeida-Silva S, Costa FF, Mares-Guia ML, Williams P, Melo MN (November, 1998). Lutzomia longipalpis: pH in the gut, digestive glycosidases and some speculations upon Leishmania development. Experimental Parasitology: 90(3):212-9. 

  2006-present - Maeve Foundation Scholarship award

2000-2004 - Sao Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) Ph.D. fellowship 

Professional Service

July 2006 - Present Consultant of the Epigenomics Research Group from the Basic Pathology Department of the Parana Federal University (UFPR) in Curitiba, Brazil

Invited reviewer for evaluation of four different articles from the Journals “Gastroenterology”, “Drug Discovery Today”, “Stem Cell and Development” and “Stem Cells”.   

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