Robert Dettman, Ph.D.  

Research Assistant Professor, Developmental Biology Program

Neonatology, Ward 12-240
303 E. Chicago Ave.
Chicago, IL 60611
Phone: (312) 503-2430
Fax: (312) 503-2441

  Year Degree Institution
  1999 Postdoctoral Fellow Cardiovascular Research Institute, UCSF
  1994 Doctor of Philosophy  Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
  1986  Bachelor of Arts Northwestern University 

 Lab Affiliations 
  Neonatology Research Lab 

Recent Publications 
  Dokic D, Dettman RW (2006). VCAM-1 inhibits TGFb stimulated epithelial-mesenchymal transformation by modulating Rho activity and stabilizing intercellular adhesion in epicardial mesothelial cells. Developmental Biology: 489-504.
  Kattan JK, Dettman RW, Bristow J (2004). Formation and remodeling of the coronary vascular bed in the embryonic avian heart. Dev Dyn. 230: 34-43.
  Dettman RW, Steinhorn RH (2004). Connecting the cells: vascular differentiation via homeobox genes and extracellular matrix in the distal lung. Circ Res. 94: 1406-1407.
  Dettman RW, Pae SH, Morabito CJ, Bristow J (2003). Inhibition of alpha4-integrin stimulates epicardial-mesenchymal transformation and alters migration and cell fate of epicardially derived mesenchyme. Dev. Biol. 257: 315-328.
  Morabito CJ, Dettman RW, Kattan J, Bristow J (2001). Positive and Negative Regulation of Epicardial-Mesenchymal Transformation during Avian Heart Development. Dev. Biol. 234: 204-215.
  Dettman, RW, Denetclaw Jr. W, Ordahl CP, Bristow J (1998). Common epicardial origin of coronary vascular smooth muscle, pericytes and fibroblasts in the avian heart. Dev. Biol. 193: 169-181.  

  2001 - American Heart Association Basic Cardiovascular Sciences Council New Investigator Award

2000-2003 - American Heart Association Scientist Development Award

1998-2000 - American Heart Association, Postdoctoral Fellowship

1998 - Richard D. Rowe Award in Perinatal Cardiology, Society for Pediatric Research

1995-1998 - NRSA Postdoctoral Trainee, University of California, San Francisco

1993-1994 - Poste Rouge, CNRS, Paris France

1990-1993 - Predoctoral Fellowship, NIH, Genetics Training Grant 


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