Hans-Georg Simon, Ph.D.


Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
, Developmental Biology Program
Director of Pre- and Postdoctoral Research Training Program, Children's Memorial Research Center



2300 Children's Plaza
Box 204 Room 421C
Chicago, IL 60614-4314
Phone: (773) 755-6391
Fax: (773) 755-6385



Year Degree Institution
1988-92 Postdoctoral Fellow
Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA
1988 Ph.D.
University of Freiburg, Germany
1983 Diploma University of Heidelberg, Germany

Lab Affiliations

Simon Lab

Recent Publications

Kulisz, A. and Simon, H-G. An evolutionary conserved nuclear export signal facilitates cytoplasmic localization of the Tbx5 transcription factor. Mol. Cell. Biol. 28, 1553-1564 (2008)

Bimber, B., Dettman, R., Simon, H.G. Differential regulation of Tbx5 protein expression and sub-cellular localization during heart development. Dev. Biol. 302, 230-242 (2007).

Camarata, T., Bimber, B., Kulisz, A., Yeung, J., Chew, T.L., and Simon, H. G. LMP4 regulates Tbx5 protein sub-cellular localization and activity. J. Cell. Biol. 174, 339-348 (2006).

Isphording, D., Leylek, A.L., Yeung, J., Mischel, A., and Simon, H.-G. T-box genes and congenital heart/limb malformations. Clin. Genet. 66, 253-264 (2004). 

Krause, A., Zacharias, W., Linkhart, B., Camarata, T., Law, E., Lischke, A., Miljan, E., Simon, H.-G. Tbx5 and Tbx4 Transcription factors interact with a new chicken PDZ-LIM protein in limb and heart development. Dev. Biol. 273, 106-120 (2004).





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