CMRC Children's Memorial Research Center

Bernard L. Mirkin
  Director of Research Emeritus, CMRC Main

Children's Memorial Research Center
2300 Children's Plaza, Box 117
Chicago, IL 60614
Phone: (773) 755-6309
Fax: (773) 755-6551

Year Degree Institution
1964 M.D. University of Minnesota, School of Medicine
1953 Ph.D. Yale University, Graduate School
1949 A.B. New York University
1945 - - Bronx High School of Science

Recent Publications
Zheng, X., Chou, P.M., Mirkin, B.L. and Rebbaa, A. (2004). Senescence initiated reversal of drug resistance. Cancer Research: 64:1773-80.

Castellon, R. and Mirkin, B.L. (2003). Nerve growth factor regulates neuroectodermal tumor cell responses to mitogenic growth factors. J. Neuroscience Research : 72:239-249.

Dwivedi, R.S., Qiu, Y.Y., Devine, J. and Mirkin, B.L. (2003). Role of DNA methylation in acquired drug resistance in neuroblastoma tumors. Proc. Indian Natn. Sci. Acad. : B69, No. 1:111-120.

Rebbaa, A., Zheng, X., Chou, P.M. and Mirkin, B.L. (2003). Caspase inhibition switches doxorubicin-induced apoptosis to senescence. Oncogene: 22:2805-11.

Emran, M., Rebbaa, A. and Mirkin, B.L. (2002). Doxorubicin resistant neuroblastoma cells secrete factors that activate AKT and attenuate cytotoxicity in drug sensitive cells. Cancer Letters: 182:53-59.

Mirkin, B.L., Clark, S.H. and Zhang, C. (2002). Inhibition of human neuroblastoma cell proliferation and EGF receptor phosphorylation by gangliosides GM1, GM3, GD1A and GT1B. Cell Proliferation: 35:105-115.

Qiu, Y.Y., Mirkin, B.L. and Dwivedi, R.S. (2002). Differential expression of DNA-methyltransferases in drug resistant murine neuroblastoma cells. Cancer Detection and Prevention: 26:444-453.

Wang, C., Mirkin, B.L. and Dwivedi, R.S. (2001). DNA (cytosine) methyltransferase overexpression is associated with acquired drug resistance of murine neuroblastoma cells. International J. of Oncology : 18:323-329.

Rebbaa, A., Chou, P.M. and Mirkin, B.L. (2001). Factors secreted by human neuroblastoma mediate doxorubicin resistance by activating STAT3 and inhibiting apoptosis. Molecular Medicine: 7:393-400.

Mattingly, R.R., Milstein, M.L. and Mirkin, B.L. (2001). Down-regulation of growth factor-stimulated MAP kinase signaling in cytotoxic drug-resistant human neuroblastoma cells. Cellular Signalling : 13:499-505.

Rebbaa, A., Chou, P.M., Emran, M. and Mirkin, B.L. (2001). Doxorubicin-induced apoptosis in caspase-8-deficient neuroblastoma cells is mediated through direct action on mitochondria. Cancer Chemotherapy and Pharmacology : 48:423-428.

Castellon, R. and Mirkin, B.L. (2000). Retroviral transfer of β-nerve growth factor gene into murine neuroectodermal tumor cells modulates cell proliferation rate, neurite formation, and NGF binding site expression. J. Neurosci. Res.: 59:265-275.

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