CMRC Children's Memorial Research Center

Honglin (Honglin Li) Li

2300 Children's Plaza
no. 209 Room C321N
Chicago, IL 60614
Phone: (773) 755-6359
Fax: (773) 755-6344

Year Degree Institution
1994 Ph.D. Wayne State University
1988 B.S. University of Science and Technology of China

Recent Publications
Tong, X and Li, H (2004). eNOS protects from prostate cancer cells from TRAIL-induced apoptosis. Cancer Letters: 210, 63-71.

Ruffolo, S. C., Breckenridge, D. G., Nguyen, M., Goping, I. S., Gross, A., Korsmeyer, S. J., Li, H., Yuan, J., Shore, G. C. (2000). BID-dependent and BID-independent pathways for BAX insertion into mitochondria. Cell Death Differ: 7, 1101-1108.

Chou, J. J., Li, H., Salvesen, G., Yuan, J. and Wagner, G. (1999). Solution structure of Bid, an intracellular amplifier of apoptotic signaling. Cell: 96, 615-624.

Li, H., Zhu, H., Xu, C., Yuan, J. (1998). Cleavage of BID by caspase-8 mediates the mitochondrial damage in the Fas pathway of apoptosis. Cell: 94, 491-501.

Zhou, B-B., Li, H., Yuan, J., Kirschner, M. W. (1998). Caspase-dependent activation of cyclin-dependent kinases during Fas-induced apoptosis in Jurkat cells. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA : 95, 6786-6790.

Li, H., Bergeron, L., Cryns, V., Pasternack, M. S., Zhu, H., Shi, L., Greenberg, A., Yuan, J. (1997). Activation of caspase-2 in apoptosis. J. Biol. Chem. : 272, 21010-21017.

Li, H. and Nicholson, A. W. (1996). Defining the enzyme binding domain of a ribonuclease III processing signal. Ethylation interference and hydroxyl radical footprinting using catalytically inactive RNase III mutants. EMBO J.: 15, 1421-1433.

2001 - The Eleanor Clarke Research Scholar of Development Neurobiology Research

1996 - NIH Postdoctoral Research Service Award

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