Amoruso, Maria

Baker, April
IRB Manager, Office of Sponsored Programs

Beezhold, Patricia

Bischof, Jared
Application Specialist, Cancer Biology and Epigenomics Program

Blazowski, Francine
Special Assistant to the President & Scientific Director

Caruso, Deanna
Project Coordinator, Child Health Research

Chen, Yongming

Chung, Hyokwon

Clark, Sandra
Laboratory Manager

Clark, Mary

Day, Kelli
Senior Administrative Assistant, FOCIS Center of Excellence in Clinical Immunology

De Espinosa, Chris
CMRC-IT Desktop Support Analyst

Gerard, Roberta
Assistant Director, Office of Sponsored Programs

Goossens, William
Manager, Microscopy and Imaging Facility

Grogan, Colleen
Assistant Director, Grants and Contracts, Office of Sponsored Programs

Guzman, M.S., Claudia
Research Associate, Simon Laboratory

Hernandez, Jose
Director, Research Support Facility

Hess, Lara
Senior Administrative Assistant, Cancer Biology and Epigenomics Program

Hopson, Lavonne

Iannaccone, Steven
Research Associate, Walterhouse lab, Developmental Biology Program

Jones, Peggy
Director, CMRC Communications, Pritzker Library

Jorgensen, Joseph

Kay, Davida

Kersey, Donna
Lab Manager, Perlman Laboratory

Kozlowski, Mandy

Kugle, Kelly
Research Technician, Herzing Lab, Human Molecular Genetics Program

LeBailly, Susan

Lilly, Denise
Assistant to the Deputy Director for Research

Liu, Xueli

Long, Xiaoxia

Loucks, M.S., Evyn
Research Associate, Ahlgren Laboratory

Malladi, Padmini
Scientist ; Manager / Digestive Diseases and Immnobiology Center, Whitington Laboratory

Maple, Harmony
Director, Office of Sponsored Programs

McGuire, Patricia

Mittal, Navdha
Research Associate, Whitington Laboratory

Morgan, Gabrielle

Munana, Annie

Musa, Selva

Mutolo, Michael
Lab Manager, Human Molecular Genetics Program

Ozen, Ridvan

Palmer, Yolanda
Senior Administrative Assistant, Developmental Biology Program

Pan, Xiaomin
Research Associate, Whitington Laboratory

Pomeroy, Chris

Pramanik, Rocky

Price, M.S., Heather
Lab Manager, Langman Laboratory

Qiu, Y-Yong

Rainey, Peg
Executive Assistant, Administration

Rankin, Anthony

Reed, Marianne

Ruprecht, Jason
Director, Information Technologies, Research Administration

Seftor, Elisabeth
Director: NIH/NCI Tumor Microenvironment Training Course

Shaw, Jeffery
Sr. Technology Analyst, Research Administration

Shrestha, Sheela

Skimina, Timothy
Manager of Research Computing, Research Administration

Smith, Christina
Laboratory Manager, Cancer Biology and Epigenomics Program ; Clinical Laboratory Scientist (NCA) ; Medical Technologist (ASCP ; Technologist in Molecular Pathology (ASCP)

Snyder, Diana
Undregraduate Student, Ahlgren Laboratory

Spina, Philip

Stephan, Beth

Sullivan, Christine

Sullivan, Glenn
Radiation Safety Officer

Taborn, M.S., Greg
Senior Research Associate, Lab Manager, Iannaccone Laboratory

Tian, Runlan

Walker, Brandon

Wilson, Dawn

Xu, David

Yu, Songtao
Research Associate, Whitington Laboratory

Zunich, Samantha
Research Associate, Lamm Lab

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