Education and Training

Children's Memorial Research Center Training Program

The Children's Memorial Research Center Training Program is a dedicated and distinguished endeavor, developing our brightest graduate and post-graduate scientists for prolific careers. Not only does the training prepare them for individual success, but, under the guidance of our faculty members, the students and fellows contribute breakthrough research and technologies that aid in the application of basic science discoveries to clinical practice.

The Research Training Program provides a learning and mentoring environment for graduate students, postdoctoral, and clinical fellows working in CMRC laboratories. The students typically belong to the three graduate programs of Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine: IGP, NUIN, and MSTP. The trainees play an active role in the training program, organize themselves into different committees and coordinate a number of activities. They hold monthly meetings to discuss science and other issues important to a student's life. They run a peer-reviewed travel award program to attend scientific meetings, and invite outside speakers for career-planning discussions and research talks. In addition, the trainees organize the Annual Biomedical Research Symposium, a day of science that highlights research opportunities to incoming Northwestern graduate students and provides peer-to-peer discussions and scientific exchange for the Chicago biomedical communities.

The CMRC Training Program is directed by Hans-Georg Simon, PhD, Associate Professor in the Department of Pediatrics and faculty member in the Developmental Biology Program. Together with Dr. Simon, the trainees plan and execute the numerous activities of the Training Program.