Summer Student Research Program

Children’s Memorial Research Center Summer Student Research Program

Please note that the formal research program has been discontinued. However, opportunities still exist for internships at the research center.

If you are interested in pursuing a summer research opportunity, please consult the research center's web site to identify with which Program your interests lie.

Then, contact the Program to obtain information about labs and / or projects that will be mentoring students.

Cancer Biology & Epigenomics

Marcelo Bento Soares

Clinical & Translational Research

Ram Yogev

Developmental Biology

Philip M. Iannaccone

Human Molecular Genetics

Chris Pomeroy


Martha C. Bohn

Smith Child Health Research

Xiaobin Wang

If you are interested in a Children's Memorial Hospital research opportunity, go to the Pediatric Specialties page of the hospital's web site, choose the specialty you are interested in, and click on the "Contact" link.

For over a decade, Children’s Memorial Research Center has offered undergraduate and medical students the opportunity to participate in research programs during the summer. The primary goals are to stimulate interest and training in the fundamental aspects of biomedical and clinical research.

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