CMRC Children's Memorial Research Center
Written Summary Reports

Due date:  August 17, 2007
All summer students participating in this program are expected to provide a written report of their summer research (to Roberta Gerard at ).  This report should only be 1-2 pages in length.  It should include a brief introduction, purpose, hypothesis, materials and methods, results and conclusion.  You may think of this as a well written abstract, just a little longer. 
We would also like you to briefly answer the following three questions:
1.  Summarize your summer research experience here at CMRC.
2.  Please tell us what you liked about your summer research experience and anything that you did not like.
3.  Do you have any suggestions towards improving our summer research program?
We ask that you take the time to provide us with a written report, as we must document our activities to those who provided funding to support this summer research program.  Without your cooperation, funding for future years will be at risk.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.