Christina Khodr, PhD


Laboratory of Dr. Martha Bohn
Neurobiology Program
2430 N. Halsted St. Rm C.308
Chicago, IL 60614

BS, Trinity University (San Antonio, TX)
PhD, Tulane University

The project that I am working on focuses on developing alpha-synuclein (SNCA) gene silencing as a potential therapy for Parkinson's Disease (PD). We are doing this using an SNCA-dependent rat model of PD where SNCA is stereotaxically overexpressed in the substantia nigra. A number of different silencing vectors are being tested in vitro for use in vivo. Effects of silencing vector on dopaminergic phenotypic markers are being examined at both protein and RNA levels in vitro and in vivo. Behavioral effects also are being investigated in vivo.


Khodr CE, Clark S, Hurley DL, Phelps CJ. (2008) Long-term homologous prolactin, administered through ectopic pituitary grafts, induces hypothalamic dopaminergic neuron differentiation in adult Snell dwarf mice. Endocrinology, 149: 2010-2018.

Siler-Khodr TM, Forthman G, Khodr C, Matyszczyk S, Khodr Z, Khodr G. (2003) Maternal serum corticotropin-releasing hormone at midgestation in Hispanic and white women. Obstetrics & Gynecology, 101: 557-564.

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