Award Winners

Summer 2009 Award Winners:

Dr. Silvana Bonilla - Excellence Award
"Relationship of proximal renal tubular dysgenesis and fetal liver injury in neonatal hemochromatosis"
Dr. Sudhish Sharma - Travel Award
"Celastrol is cardioprotective after Doxorubincinin injury both in vitro and in vivo"

Spring 2009 Award Winners:

Dr. Barbara Sisson - Excellence Award
"Expression of five frizzled genes during zebrafish craniofacial cartilage development"
Dr. Susan Park - Excellence Award
"Characterization of tbx5b, a novel paralog of tbx5a, during zebrafish cardiac development"
Jorge Cantu - Excellence Award
"The role of notum in motor neuron development"

Winter 2009 Award Winners:

Susan Hammond - Excellence Award
"Controlled induction of Smn in the mouse, a new model for spinal muscular atrophy"
Kate Meyer - Excellence Award
"Disc1 expression and function in the hippocampus"
Dr. Kirsten Morris - Travel Award
"The role of collagen XV as a tumor suppressor in pancreatic adenocarcinoma"
Dr. Shih-Hsing Leir - Travel Award
"Mucin 6 expression reduces tumor cell invasion"

Fall 2008 Award Winners:

Christopher Ott - Excellence Award
"Mapping tissue-specific regulatory elements of the CFTR locus using DNase-chip"
Dr. Alexandra Glavaski-Joksimovic - Travel Award
"Delivery of GDNF by genetically modified human bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells into rat striatum after a progressive 6-OHDA lesion rejuvenates damaged dopaminergic neurons"
Dr. Marzena Lewandowska - Travel Award
"The CFTR 5' region: a complex multifunctional regulatory element"

Spring 2008 Award Winners:

Katie Drerup - Excellence Award
Chris Heier - Excellence Award
G. Parker Flowers - Excellence Award
Tyler Schwend - Excellence Award
Heng-Fu Bu, PhD - Excellence Award
Barbara Sisson, PhD - Excellence Award
Sarah Calve, PhD - Travel Award
Xunqin Yin, PhD - Travel Award
Xiao Wang, MD, PhD - Travel Award

Winter 2008 Award Winners:

Troy Camarata - Excellence Award
Q. Chang - Excellence Award
K. Bergmann - Travel Award

Fall 2007 Award Winners:

X. Wu - Excellence Award

Summer 2007 Award Winners:

Diana Schwab - Excellence Award
J. Glavaski - Excellence Award
C. Khodr - Excellence Award
R Liu - Excellence Award
Y. Zhao - Excellence Award
M. Suszko - Travel Award




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