Research Center Forms, Policies and Instructions by Office

These documents are arranged by the office that administers them.
Please refer to that office's website for context.

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Biostatistics Research Core 

BRC Help Request Form 
BRC Options and Rates 

Clinical and Translational Research Program 

Clinical Research Unit Instructions for Letter of Support  
Epic Research Request Form (requires login)  

CMRC Safety Guidelines and Plans 

Chemical Disposal Sheet 
Hazard Communication Plan 
Reducing Agents 
Vacuum Safety 


Asset Management Form 
Conference Room Guidelines 
Conference Room Reservation Form 
Freezer and Equipment Emergency Contact Information Form 
Key Request Form 
Property Disposal Form 

Information Technology 

Building / IT Access Request Form 
Information Management New / Account Change Password Request Form 
Laser Print Cartridge Order Form 
Lawson Add New User / Delete User Forms 
Lawson Online Ordering Manual 

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) 

Annual Certification Form 300 
Annual Rodent Breeding Certification Form 400 
ASP Form 100 
ASP Form 100 Additional Species 
ASP Form 200 
De Novo Protocol Submission Deadline Policy 
Guidelines on Definitions of Non-survival and Survival Surgery 
Guidelines on Handling BrdU in the Animal Facility 
Guidelines on the Use of Tribromoethanol (Avertin) 
IACUC Policies and Procedures Manual 
IACUC Semi-Annual Laboratory Inspection Checklist 
IACUC Submission Requirements and Review Process 
Justification of Animal Numbers 
Notification of Use of Avian Embryos Form and Policy 
Pathogen Testing of Human Material, Policy 
Policy for Transfer of Animals 
Policy on Aseptic Technique for Rodent Survival Surgeries 
Policy on Managing Overcrowded Mouse Cages 
Policy on Tribromoethanol (Avertin) Use in Mice and Rats 
Policy on Use of Rodent Biologicals in Rodents 
Process for Ordering Animals 
Protocol Inactivation Form 500 
Reporting Concerns Regarding Animal Treatment 
RSF Semi-Annual Inspection Guide 
Temporary Personnel Addition Form 600 
Zebrafish Housing Density Policy 
Zebrafish Policy 

 Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) 

Amendment Request Form 
Annual Progress Report 
Biohazardous Material (Sample) Laboratory Standard Operating Procedure 
Biosafety Considerations for Research with Lentiviral Vectors 
Human Cell Lines Policy 
IBC Registration Document 
Protocol Personnel Addition 
Safety Protocol Sample Document 

 Institutional Review Board 

FDA Guidance for Industry: Investigator Responsibilities 
Human Embryonic Stem Cell Lines Policy 
Adolescent Assent Template 
Adult Consent by Proxy 
Adult Subject Consent 
Adverse Events, Other Unanticipated Problems and Protocol Violations Policy 
Amendment Form for IRB Approved Studies 
Amendment Form Policy 
Application for Exemption from IRB Review 
Application for Waiver Related to HIPAA 
CMH and NU Reciprocal Agreements for Oversight of Research Protocols 
Continuing Review Form 
Continuing Review Form Instructions 
Current Education Certifications 
Education Certifications Expiring Within the Next Three Months 
External Adverse Event Form 
Federalwide Assurance Registration Letter 
Inactivation Form 
Instructions on Submissions to the IRB Mailbox 
Internal Adverse Event Form 
IRB Complete Submission Policy 
IRB Policies and Procedures Manual 
Maximum Allowable Total Blood Draw Volumes 
Other Unanticipated Problems and Protocol Violation Report Form 
Parent Consent Template 
IRB Requirements for Initial Submissions of New Studies 
IRB Submission Checklist 
IRB Submission Tipsheet 
Protected Health Information Accessed for Preparatory Research Form 
Protocol Deviation Form 
Proxy Consent Policy 
Registration and Federalwide Assurance Letter 
Research Personnel Form 
Research Personnel Form Policy 
Research Plan Guidelines 
Research Protocol Progress Report Form and Instructions 
Short Form Consents  (in English, Spanish, Bosnian, Vietnamese, Polish,
Arabic and Russian)
Short Form Instructions for Use 
Suggestions and Guidance for Writing Consent and Assent Forms 
Surrogate Certification Form 
When to Report Internal and External Adverse Events 

Microarray Facility 

Microarray Facility Service Request Form  

Office for Research Integrity and Compliance (ORIC) 

Conflict of Interest Policy for Sponsored Programs 
Protocol for Retention and Custody of Research Misconduct Proceeding Record 
Research Integrity and Compliance Program Manual 
Research Involving Human Cell Lines, Policy 
Research Misconduct: Protocol for Drafting Inquiry Report 
Research Misconduct: Protocol for Drafting Investigation Report 
Research Misconduct: Protocol for ORI Reporting Timeframes 

 Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) 

Billing for Study Visits and Procedures in Epic 
Budget Justification Example 
Clinical Trials Budget Template 
Clinical Trials Common Acronyms 
Clinical Trials Communication Form  
Clinical Trials Cost Comparison Budget Template 
Cost Transfer Policy 
Criteria for Defining Sponsored Grants and Contracts and Philanthropic Gifts 
Direct Cost Charging Policy 
Disposition of Unexpended Balances in Grants and Contracts Policy 
Fixed Price Award Balance Transfer Request 
Fund Report Access Request Form 
Grant Application Package Example 
How to Conduct Clinical Trials Research 
How to Review Research Study Charges in Epic 
How to Search for an Employee in the Template System 
Information Management Password Request Form 
Labor Template Basics 
Labor Template Errors Explanation 
Labor Template FAQs 
Lawson Ebroadcasting Viewing and Drill Around Instructions 
Lawson LBI Instructions 
NIH Public Access Fact Sheet 
No Cost Extension Policy 
OSP Routing Form 
OSP Routing Form Instructions 
Other Payroll Correction Form 
Payroll Correction Form 
Person Month Calculator 
Pre Award Spending Account Instructions and Request 
Research Support Facility Rate Sheet 
Reviewing Professional Fees on Research Study Funds, Tips on 
Roles of OSP and Finance 
Study Visit Reimbursement Process Overview 
Study Visit Reimbursement Set-up Form 
Subcontracts and Consultant Agreements on Sponsored Research Grants 
Subcontract and/or Consultant Agreement, What You'll Need 
Transaction Correction Form 
Unscheduled Patient Petty Cash Request Form 

Office of the President and Scientific Director 

Children's Memorial Research Center Membership Application 

Office of the Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer 

Children's Memorial Medical Center Policy on Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer 
Children's Memorial Research Center Directory 
Patent Disclosure Form 
Space Assignment Request Form 

Pritzker Research Library 

Current Awareness Profile Form 
Funding Search Form 
Interlibrary Loan Form 


Capital Equipment Purchases Policy 
Direct Purchasing Requisition (Supply Requisition) Instructions 
GHX Catalyst, Creating Punch Out Requisitions 
GHX Instructions 
New Vendor Authorization 
Purchase Order Number for Equipment Service Agreements, Directions for 
Returned Goods Instructions 

Radiation Safety 

Film Badge Exposure Release Form 
Film Badge Instructions / Information Letter 
IEMA Form J - Doctors Use 
Pregnant Radiation Worker Information 
Radiation and Pregnancy Fact Sheet 
Radiation Personnel Registration Form and Film Badge Application 
Radiation Prudent Practices 
Radiation Safety Declared Pregnancy Form 
Radiation Safety General Rules 
Radioactive Material Order Form 
Radioactive Material User License Application - In Vitro 
Radioactive Material User License Application - In Vivo 
Radioactive Spill Procedures 

Research Histology 

Research Histology Order Form 

Research Support Facility 

RSF Emergency and Disaster Plan 
RSF Policies and Procedures Manual 
RSF Visitor Guidelines and Form 

Sequencing Core 

Sequencing Core Request Form  

Training Program 

Travel Award Application Form 
Travel Award Application Instructions 
Travel Award Budget Form