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Links to Analysis Tools



–Probe Profiler: used to process Affy image files to QC features of the cell file for consistency and efficiency of detection, generate E-scores and do group-wise comparisons.

–Clementine: Powerful and flexible data mining workbench to develop predictive models with a graphical interface to create reusable analysis streams. Supervised analysis: neural networks, C5.0, tree analysis. Unsupervised analysis: K-means clustering, Hierarchical clustering, data manipulation and filtering.

–Lexiquest Mine: Text mining software from SPSS.

–Pathway Assist: visualization and interpretation of biological pathways, gene regulation networks and protein-protein interaction maps, supports on-line searching of pubmed for pathway relationships.

–Omniviz: data mining and visualization tool scans pubmed and uses SAM program to find similar genes to the genes of interest.

DNA Arrays:
–Mapping Arrays are available for large scale genotyping experiments, while Resequencing Arrays and Universal Arrays enable you to design an assay specific to your genetic region or organism of interest