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Stacey L. Payne

Stacey Payne

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Year Degree Institution
2006 Doctor of Philosophy University of Iowa
2001 Bachelor of Arts - Major in Biology, Minor in Biochemistry Augustana College

Year Title  
2006 The role of lysyl oxidase in breast cancer cell motility

Work Experience
Period Description Organization
August 2004 - Present Research Associate Children's Memorial Research Center
May 2004 - July 2004 Graduate Teaching Assistant - Human Anatomy for Physician's Assistants, Athletic Trainers, Graduate Students, and Medical Students University of Iowa
September 2003 - December 2003 Graduate Teaching Assistant - Human Anatomy for Undergraduates University of Iowa
June 2001 - July 2002 Research Assistant - Department of Hematology/Oncology, Laboratory of Michelle M. LeBeau, PhD University of Chicago

Research Interests
As a member of the Hendrix Laboratory, I am interested in determining the molecular mechanisms of metastasis. I am specifically interested in the role of lysyl oxidase (LOX) in breast cancer cell motility. LOX is a copper-dependent amine oxidase that catalyzes cross-linking of collagens and elastins within the extracellular matrix. However, LOX has recently been localized within the cytoplasm and nucleus of cells, in addition to the cell membrane. LOX has been shown to have a role in gene differentiation/regulation as well as motility/migration. Moreover, LOX is highly upregulated in invasive breast cancer cells compared to their poorly invasive counterparts. Therefore, I am studying the ability of LOX to facilitate cell motility through the regulation of cell adhesion formation, actin filament polymerization, and gene transcription. My work in the laboratory has shown that LOX facilitates cell motility/migration through changes in cell adhesion formation. Specifically, these changes occur via regulation of the FAK/Src signaling pathway through a hydrogen peroxide-mediated mechanism. Additionally, I have shown that LOX facilitates actin filament formation and regulates the activation of the Rho family GTPases. Finally, I have demonstrated that LOX regulates NF-kB activity which may lead to changes in gene transcription regulation.

Recent Publications
Payne SL, MJC Hendrix, DA Kirschmann (In Press). Lysyl oxidase regulates actin filament formation through the p130-Cas/Crk/DOCK180 signaling pathway. Journal of Cellular Biochemistry.

Payne, SL, B Fogelgren, AR Hess, EA Seftor, EL Wiley, SFT Fong, K Csiszar, MJC Hendrix, and DA Kirschmann (December, 2005). Lysyl oxidase regulates breast cancer cell migration and adhesion through a hydrogen peroxide-mediated mechanism. Cancer Research: 11429-11436.
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Recent Presentations
Stacey L. Payne (June, 2005). The Role of Lysyl Oxidase in the Breast Cancer Invasive Phenotype. Dept. of Defense Era of Hope Poster Presentation. Philadelphia, PA.

Stacey L. Payne (June, 2005). What are stem cells and how can society benefit from their application in medicine?. CMRC Foundation Meeting. Chicago, IL.

Stacey L. Payne (June, 2005). Stem cell definitions: A common vocabulary. IMSA Lumen Weekend. Aurora, IL.

Stacey L. Payne (April, 2005). Lysyl oxidase facilitates intracelllular signaling in invasive breast cancer cells. AACR Poster Presentation. Anaheim, CA.

Stacey L. Payne (October, 2004). Lysyl Oxidase Facilitates Cell Adhesion Formation in Invasive Breast Cancer Cells. Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Symposium - Northwestern University. Chicago, IL.

Stacey L. Payne (February, 2003). Lysyl Oxidase Facilitates Breast Cancer Adhesion Formation. University of Iowa. Iowa City, IA.

2005 - Award for Superior Achievement in Student Teaching in Anatomy and Cell Biology

2005 - Winner - Best Poster Presentation by a Graduate Student - CMRC Scholar Recognition Day

2001 - Bertil Gottfrid and Lorraine Ossian Anderson Scholarship

National and International Committees
Period Description
October, 2002 - August, 2003 Biosciences Program Admissions Committee
Position: Member ( )

Curriculum Vitae
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