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Human Molecular Genetics

Many of the most devastating and intractable diseases are caused by genetic defects. Errors or variations in single genes (monogenic diseases) or in multiple genes (polygenic diseases) can predispose to the disease process. The contribution of the Human Genome Project to our knowledge of gene sequences and structure has been immense. However, the availability of this tremendous knowledge base generates new challenges: to elucidate the function and regulation of genes, to establish how genetic errors cause disease, and most importantly, to translate these advances into innovative and effective therapies. The vision of the newly appointed leader of the Human Genetics Program, Ann Harris, Ph.D., formerly Professor of Paediatric Molecular Genetics at Oxford University, is to nurture a world class centre of translational genetic medicine. Building on the existing strengths within the program, she plans a phased recruitment of additional outstanding young investigators committed to furthering understanding of the molecular mechanisms of human genetic disease and designing creative approaches to novel therapies. The core funding for the program is generously provided by the Children's Memorial Endowment, and individual investigators will leverage this support by attracting substantial extramural funding from the NIH and other national and international grant awarding bodies. The main research focus of the Human Molecular Genetics Program will be on genetic diseases of children and young adults, and new recruitment will invest in areas of clinical interest and expertise at Children's Memorial Hospital. We are in a unique position to capitalize on the recent legislative changes that enable and encourage stem cell research in Illinois. We are also fortunate to be able to build on collaboration with other excellent programs at CMRC in developmental biology, cancer biology and epigenomics, population genetics and neurobiology to enhance the international reputation of the research institute.

Current Investigators in the Human Molecular Genetics Program include:

Christine DiDonato, Ph.D.

Ann Harris, Ph.D. (Program Director)

Laura Herzing, Ph.D.

Jill Morris, Ph.D.

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