SCHR Satellite Office Service Contact Information

The SCHR Satellite office is located in C115B in the Pritzker Library in CMRC.

The equipment is located on the shelf/desk in front of the window which faces Halsted.

The computers can be identified by their being made by HP including the networked printer that sits between them.

The computer on the left is connected to the CMH network and the computer on the right is connected to the CMRC network.

The HP laser printer is networked and connected to the CMH network and is only accessible by the CMH desktop computer.

When a service issue comes up please contact the following people for servicing the following items.

  • For computers, printer, connectivity, and application issues contact the following personnel in this order:
    • Chris 312-573-7815
    • Jim 773-755-6349
    • Tim 773-755-6350
    • Jason 773-755-6317
  • For telephone issues contact Telecommunications at 773-880-4212
  • For environmental issues contact T. Rankin at 773-755-6580

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