Adding a Delegate to Outlook

To: CHR User Community with CMH email accounts
From: Chris De Espinosa, CMRC-IT Desktop Analyst
Date: January 11, 2006
Regarding: Adding Delegates to Accounts


  • Microsoft Outlook offers a feature where accesses on various levels called permissions can be granted to individuals called delegates for the purpose of checking or maintaining the account’s main user.
  • For example a manager can make an administrative assistant a delegate to their calendar for the purpose of adding/deleting checking appointments while the manager is out of the office.
  • Making someone a delegate on an account is very simple.
  • In Outlook click once on Tools, then Options.
  • In the Options window click once on the Delegates tab.
  • You will need to add the person’s name that you want to be a delegate first before permissions can be assigned.
  • Multiple people can be added at this time or more late as you see fit. \
  • Once the person or people have been added another windows shows up outlining what folders are available for delegation and what permissions are available per each folder – please take some time and read the screen before deciding what to assign.
  • The Journal folder is not used at CMH so please do not assign delegates to that folder.
  • Following the establishment of a delegate you are brought back to Outlook.
  • Removing/changing delegates is done in the same area as is the changing of permissions

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