CMRC IT Network Security Policy

This policy establishes responsibility for security of the Children’s Memorial Research Center’s (CMRC) research network. This applies to all network activity inside the research center located at 2430 N. Halsted, Chicago, Illinois, referred to as the Research Data Network (RDN). While recognizing that easy access to and from the Internet is important to the research mission of the CMRC, the goals of this policy are to:

  1. safeguard the integrity and availability of the RDN at the CMRC,
  2. reduce threats to integrity and availability of computer systems connected to the CMRC RDN, and
  3. reduce the potential threat that computers on the CMRC RDN could be taken over remotely and used in computer related attacks on other organizations, businesses or networks.

All computers or other devices that are connected to the CMRC RDN must be continuously executing approved virus-scanning software with a current virus database. This policy applies regardless of manufacturer or operating system. This is the responsibility of the user unless managed by CMRC’s Information Technology centralized anti-virus server. Also, all operating system software must be kept current with the latest security-related patches from the vendor. This is the responsibility of the user, unless managed by the CMRC’s Information Technology software update server.

  1. Prior to any computer being connected to the CMRC RDN, it must be taken to the CMRC’s Information Technology Office (room C.366) for scanning and installation/update of antivirus software.
  2. Computers must be registered before they access the RDN. CMRC Information Technology will gather information including name, phone number, computer location, and unique identifier for the computer (i.e. MAC address). This will provide a means for tracking problems associated with or caused by a specific computer connected to the RDN and a means for locating the computer, contacting the owner and resolving the problem in an expeditious manner.

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