Xserve Backup Policy

Policy - This policy addresses the Apple Xserve and Xserve RAID servers only.

The Apple Xserve file servers that are managed and housed by the Children’s Memorial Research Center (CMRC) Information Management (IM) group will be backed up on a periodic basis according to this policy.


  1. The Backup Window will consist of all days and times except 0800 to 1800, Monday through Friday.
  2. The following are the minimum, standard backup requirements for all servers:
    • All system drives on the Apple Xserve servers will be synchronized once per day with a backup partition on different drive.
    • A core research programs Xserve RAID data partition will be synchronized to a corresponding partition on a second Xserve RAID once per day.
    • No historical backups will be kept.
  3. The time window to recover a file is until the next automatic synchronization – request must be made before 1600 each week day. No data recovery will be performed on weekends or holidays.
  4. File Restoration: Data files backed up should be restored within one business day of a request, Monday through Friday.
  5. Deviations from this file backup policy must be approved by the Director, Information Technologies.


  • Backup Window - The times of day and the days of the week in which data center staff performs file backup, restore and archive procedures.
  • File Restoration – files are copied from backup media to their source.
  • Managed and housed - servers must be placed within locations controlled by the Children’s Memorial Research Center (CMRC) Information Management (IM) group management and staff.

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