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% if ("$version-$release" eq "3.0-beta") {

Changes since 3.0-Alpha:

Rationale for Beta

Why was this released as "Beta"? The code is quite stable and it didn't deserve a "Beta" qualification. However, there are some things left to do for the real 3.0 version. These things will not affect the API to work with HTMLArea, in other words, you can install the Beta right now and then install the final release without modifying your code. That's if you don't modify HTMLArea itself. ;-)

To-Do before 3.0 final

  1. We should use a single popup interface. Currently there are two: dialog.js and popupwin.js; dialog.js emulates modal dialogs, which sucks when you want to open "select-color" from another popup and not from the editor itself. Very buggy in IE. We should probably use only modeless dialogs (that is, popupwin.js).
  2. Internationalization for the SpellChecker plugin.
  3. Internationalization for the TableOperations plugin.
  4. People who sent translations are invited to re-iterate through their work and make it up-to-date with lang/en.js which is the main lang file for HTMLArea-3.0. Some things have changed but not all translations are updated.
  5. Documentation.
% }
Mihai Bazon
Last modified on Sun Sep 28 14:59:43 2003