CMRC Children's Memorial Research Center
Research Publications

1.Olszewski M, Huang W, Chou PM, Duerst R, Kletzel M. Wilms’ Tumor Gene in Hamatopoiesis:  A surrogate marker of cell proliferation as a possible mechanism of action?.  Cytotherapy 2005;7.1 (2005 in press )
2.Kletzel M, Olszewski M, Huang W, Chou PM.  Utility of WT1 as a reliable tool for the detection of minimal residual disease in children with leukemia.  Pediatric and Developmental Pathology 2002;5: 269-275.
3.Chou PM, Olszewski M, Huang W, Silva M, Kletzel M.  Platelet Chimerism by Polymerase Chain Reaction ( PCR) utilizing variable number of tandem repeats ( VNTR) in allogeneic stem cell transplant in children: a new novel approach in full chimerism analysis. Bone Marrow Transplant.2003;32:825-8.