— Training on all instrumentation in the facility is the responsibility of the facility manager. Each user must be individually trained and certified by the facility manager  prior to unassisted use of any instrument. Contact the facility to schedule a training session. It is necessary to have a personal, valid login to the research center's computer network prior to training. 

 — Trained users may work with or assist other users but must be present at all times when an untrained user is operating the instrument. Users may not train other users for unassisted use even if they are from the same laboratory. 

 — Use of the Digital Darkroom computer, scanner and printer does not require formal training or instruction. The facility manager is available to assist users with any question that might arise. If you wish more extensive instruction on any aspect of the Digital Darkroom, please make arrangements with the facility manager. 

 — User guides and/or wall-mounted instructions are provided for most major pieces of equipment and the Digital Darkroom computer, scanner and printer. These guides contain detailed instructions for many common operations on each instrument. 

 — It is the responsibility of users to sign the logbook for each instrument after each use. If any user repeatedly neglects to record his/her usage in the logbook, facility privileges may be suspended. 

 — Using a login other than your own to use any computer or instrument in this facility is prohibited. Facility privileges may be suspended for violation of this policy. 

 — After hours usage of the instruments is encouraged, however users are required to be certain that instruments are left in good order and the facility is properly secured. 

 — When users are finished, equipment must be left clean and in a standard configuration. Shutdown checklists are provided and must be carefully followed by each user. 

 — Changing default settings on any computer in the facility is considered a major incident of misuse and will be dealt with accordingly. No software may be installed by any user on any computer in the facility. 

 — Please notify the facility manager if there problems with any instrument. Record any issues in the logbook. 


 — A computer is available in the facility for users to make an electronic reservation for the instruments. Users with a hospital e-mail account also have the ability to make reservations from any computer both inside and outside the research center. 

 — Sign-up reservations are on a first-come first-served basis. 

 — No user may sign up for more than two (2) hours/day for any instrument between 8:00AM and 5:00PM weekdays. Users may continue to use an instrument if no other user is scheduled but must relinquish use if someone else comes to use it. If an extended time period is required by any user during a workday, please contact the facility manager for permission. Reserving time under a different name to extend your usage time is not permitted and instances of such abuse can result in suspension of privileges in the entire facility for that day. 

 — Users are responsible for your reserved time period. Others may be waiting to use the instrument. If you are more that 30 minutes late for your reserved time, your usage privilege for that time period will be canceled and your privileges in the entire facility for that day will be suspended. 

 —  After hours or weekend usage is on a first-come, first-served unlimited reservation basis. 

—  If you are finished using an instrument before your reserved time is up, make every effort to contact the next user (if someone is scheduled after your reservation) to inform them that the instrument is available for use. 


—  Digital image files and data should be stored on the research center's file server inside your password-protected folder. No user files are to be left on the desktop or local user account document folder unser any circumstances. The Microscopy and Imaging Facility reserves the right to delete files stored on computers in the facility.