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The PPRG is a well-established regional practice-based research network founded in 1984 as a partnership of the Department of Pediatrics at Children’s Memorial Hospital (CMH) in Chicago and an enthusiastic group of 20 pediatric practices. It now includes over 70 Chicago-area community practices and health centers with leadership and operational support located at CMH.

Our Mission: The Pediatric Practice Research Group is dedicated to understanding and promoting optimal child health and function through practice-based research in the primary care setting. We value excellence and innovation in research through a network-based approach; gathering and sharing information from diverse practices in the Chicago area. Our goal is to utilize this cooperative research effort in order to improve and refine child health care through determining best practices, delivering ongoing clinical education to providers, and evaluating the outcomes of our efforts. 

Research Themes 
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Clinical care tools and educational materials for parents regarding obesity, tobacco, lead, and general primary care are available here

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