Research Themes

The PPRG is a successful partnership between hospital-based academicians and community physicians. It offers a venue for research for both and also provides an opportunity for pediatric residents, pediatric fellows and medical or allied health students interested in designing and leading studies on primary care topics to gain valuable experience. The community physicians can continue their involvement in research after residency training, receive education for themselves and for staff members, or learn more about their practice. Project involvement may lead to changes in the way they provide care to their patients.

The network has completed numerous research projects. This level of activity is possible because of the dedicated efforts of community primary care providers and their office staff members. The array of leaders for Pediatric Practice Research Group projects is diverse and includes medical students, pediatric residents, allied health professionals, and experienced pediatric physicians and child psychologists.

Several themes of research have proven to be fruitful for the PPRG. These include series of studies focused on the following: obesity, lead, behavior in preschoolers, gastroesophageal research, preventive healthcare, nutrition & growth, practice based research in primary care, chronic fatigue, tobacco, cholesterol research, and injury prevention. However, projects completed by the PPRG are quite diverse. While many of our past projects relate to delivery of preventive care, we have also completed studies which focus on care of children with particular diseases and office systems to promote care. Providers benefit from the group’s participation by learning new ways to provide care and learning more about the families and patients that receive care at their offices. These benefits can then be translated into improved, efficient care across the array of patients and families that visit their practices.

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