VII: Appendices

A. Aids for understanding practices 

  1. Practice Characteristics Evaluation
  2. Practice Environment Checklist
  3. Clinical Routines Survey

B. PPRG tools for growth interpretation

C. Understanding childhood overweight/obesity: a brief overview of definitions and anthropometrics in children 

  1. Definitions 
  2. Body mass index
  3. Percent of ideal body weight (%IBW)
  4. %IBW classification

D. Forms for clinical management of overweight/obese patients

  1. Social History Form- (ie: family composition-parental employment, education, etc.)
  2. Nutritional Health Screening Survey (ie: health habits)
  3. Initial visit form (charting form) 
  4. Follow up form (charting form)

E. Risk factors for overweight/obesity 

  1. Family risk; biological/genetic/individual factors 
  2. Socio-demographic risk; race/ethnicity/socioeconomic status

F. Guide to blood pressure measurement in children from the National High Blood Pressure Education Program Working Group on High Blood Pressure in Children and Adolescents

G. Screening surveys

H. Charting tools

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