Tools, Teamwork, & Tenacity

The TTT project is a 2-year pilot to provide in-office systems and training to enhance care delivery related to the prevention and management of overweight children.

Teamwork: Focuses on the use of management strategies and tools to clinically manage overweight children. It includes a series of intensive trainings and meeting with the clinicians and staff of each of eight participating practices.

Tenacity: Focuses on training practitioners to improve their counseling techniques (ie. Motivational Interviewing). An expert in training medical teams on fostering health behavior changes will provide the training to providers to enhance their ability to manage behavior change in patients.

Tools: Relies on the modification of the Health Indicators Analyzer (HIA) software. Several of the components of the software will be updated: graphical user interface for the desktop and hand-held versions of the HIA, import and export functions, report viewer interface, and the database that patient/visit information can be tracked and displayed by clinician and/or clinic. Other tools such as patient algorithms for at risk for overweight and overweight patients, patient intake forms, and management algorithms for co-morbidities of obesity, will be given to the participating eight practices.

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