Research center publications list 2007-08 Lavigne - Zynger (updated 4-12-2010)

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Lavigne JV. Editorial: review and commentary section. J Pediatr Psychol. 2008 Jan-Feb;33(1):6-8. Epub 2007 Sep 21.

Lavigne JV, Lebailly SA, Gouze KR, Cicchetti C, Pochyly J, Arend R, Jessup BW, Binns HJ. Treating oppositional defiant disorder in primary care: a comparison of three models. J Pediatr Psychol. 2008 Jun;33(5):449-61. Epub 2007 Oct 23.

Lavigne JV, Lebailly SA, Gouze KR, Cicchetti C, Jessup BW, Arend R, Pochyly J, Binns HJ. Predictor and moderator effects in the treatment of oppositional defiant disorder in pediatric primary care. J Pediatr Psychol. 2008 Jun;33(5):462-72. Epub 2007 Oct 23.

Liem RI, Calamaras DM, Chhabra MS, Files B, Minniti CP, Thompson AA. Sudden-onset blindness in sickle cell disease due to retinal artery occlusion. Pediatr Blood Cancer. 2008 Mar;50(3):624-7. Review.

Listernick R. A newborn male with possible Hirschsprung's disease. Pediatr Ann. 2008 Jul;37(7):452-5.

Listernick R. A 3-year-old girl with intermittent fever and abdominal pain. Pediatr Ann. 2008 Jun;37(6):372-5.

Listernick R. 5 1/2-month-old boy with right leg swelling and fever. Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome. Pediatr Ann. 2008 May;37(5):285-9.

Listernick R. A 16-year-old girl with abdominal pain, cough, vomiting. Pediatr Ann. 2008 Apr;37(4):204-7.

Listernick R. A 17-year-old girl with fever, chills, rib, and pelvic pain. Pediatr Ann. 2008 Mar;37(3):123-6.

Listernick R. A 5-year-old girl with headache and eye pain. Pediatr Ann. 2008 Jan;37(1):9-12.

Listernick R. A 29-day-old girl with seizure. Pediatr Ann. 2007 Dec;36(12):768-72.

Listernick R. A 4-month-old boy with an abdominal mass. Pediatr Ann. 2007 Nov;36(11):688-91.

Listernick R. A 21-month-old boy with prolonged fever. Pediatr Ann. 2007 Oct;36(10):627-31.

Listernick R. A 9-year-old girl with severe anemia. Pediatr Ann. 2007 Sep;36(9):531, 535-7.

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Lloyd E, Somera-Molina K, Van Eldik LJ, Watterson DM, Wainwright MS. Suppression of acute proinflammatory cytokine and chemokine upregulation by post-injury administration of a novel small molecule improves long-term neurologic outcome in a mouse model of traumatic brain injury. J Neuroinflammation. 2008 Jun 30;5(1):28. [Epub ahead of print]

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