Research Histology

The Histology Facility at the Children's Memorial Main Hospital has been established to assist investigators by providing high quality research histology services at minimal costs. We have the equipment and expertise to produce sections from frozen and paraffin-embedded tissues, to produce routine hematoxylin and eosin stained slides, and to perform special stains and immunohistochemistry. Certain paraffin-embedded and frozen blocks of normal or tumor tissues can be provided upon request. With these tools, the investigator will be able to evaluate the pathologic consequences of various disease processes in a quick, cost-effective and reproducible manner. Core staff are available for technical consultation regarding optimal harvesting and fixation of tissues, stains, histopathological procedures, etc. (773.880.4287) Our experienced faculty from the Pathology Department are available for professional pathologic consultation as well as for research collaboration. Faculty bios can be accesssed at:

For additional information or to request a project with the Histology Facility, please contact :
Dr. Samantha Gadd CMRC, C.366