CMRC Children's Memorial Research Center
Research Ethics & Compliance

The Children's Memorial Research Center is committed to performing basic, translational, and clinical research in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.  As part of the Children's Memorial Medical Center, we adhere to a Code of Conduct which was developed to be easily understood and demonstrate in the clearest terms our commitment to the highest standards of ethics and compliance.

If you have questions or concerns regarding research ethics and compliance, please contact the individuals listed below.

Animal and human subjects:  Violation of laws and regulations related to the use of animals and human subjects in research, including HIPAA-related privacy concerns.

The members of our Institutional Review Board for Human Subjects Research (IRB) adhere to a Conflict of Interest Policy.

Philip V. Spina, Deputy Director for Administration, CMRC; (773) 755-6301   

Scientific misconduct:  Fabrication, falsification, plagiarism, or other practices that seriously deviate from those commonly accepted within the academic community for proposing, conducting, and reporting on research.  The revised CMRC Policy on Research Integrity and Procedures for Reviewing Alleged Midsonduct can be found here.

The procedures and timeline that will be followed under the research misconduct policy are:

Protocol for Drafting Inquiry Report

Protocol for Retention and Custody Of Research Misconduct Proceeding Record

Protocol for Drafting Investigation Report

Protocol for ORI Reporting Timeframes (This document may take up to 60 seconds to open.)

Philip V. Spina, Deputy Director for Administration, CMRC; (773) 755-6301     

Grant management/misappropriation of cost:  Unallowable or questionable expenditures or cost transfers to government grants, contracts, or other agreements.  Any expenditures or cost transfers that may be in violation of federal regulation.

Harmony Maple, Director, Office of Sponsored Programs; (773) 755-6334  

Melissa Gentile, Director of Accounting, Financial Management Services; (773) 880-6959

Conflict of interest Concerns related to conflict of interest in research and sponsored programs.

Philip V. Spina, Deputy Director for Administration, CMRC; (773) 755-6301

You may also contact Annie Munana, Director, CMRC Office of Research Integrity and Compliance at (773) 755-6306 or Leyla Erkan, Compliance Coordinator,in the Compliance Office at Children's Memorial Hospital at (773) 868-8922.  Also available is a toll free compliance hotline at (800) 273-8452 staffed by an outside service to receive reports 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.