CMRC Children's Memorial Research Center
Guidelines and Plans

CMRC Safety Guidelines/Plans

Health, Safety, and protection of our environment is the responsibility of every faculty, staff, student, and visitor to the research facility. CMRC Safety is here to help you meet your responsibilities. The following Guidelines and Plans have been prepared by our staff to assist you. If you have any questions, please contact Glenn Sullivan at ext. 56312.


Autoclave Safety
Biohazard Disposal 
Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure
Chemical Disposal
Chemical Hygiene Plan
Flammable Liquid Storage Guide
Glove Selection
Hazard Communication Plan

Hood Efficiency
Incompatible Chemicals
Incubator Cleaning
Laboratory Safety Audit

Material Safety Data Sheets

Mixed Waste 
Oxidizing Agents
Radioactive Disposal
Reducing Agents

Vacuum Safety