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Radioactive Disposal

The generation, regulation, and disposal of radioactive waste are among radiation workers most important activities. Generation involves much more than simply creating contaminated material; it also involves controlling the composition and volume as well as paying attention to chemical, biological, and radiation safety and record keeping. Regulation involves complying with the evolving requirements of the CMMC, governmental agencies, waste brokers, and waste-site operators. Disposal involves handling of the wastes by many individuals and businesses in the chain of custody from the generator to the disposal site.

The generator has cradle-to-grave responsibility for hazardous wastes, a responsibility that never can be relinquished. There are institutional, civil, and criminal penalties for failure to fulfill generatorís obligations. So you must exercise control over what you place in radwaste containers and associated records. Disposal of any radioactive material except by Radiation Safety Office is prohibited without express prior consent of Radiation Safety Office.

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