CMRC Children's Memorial Research Center
Summer Students

Basic Guidelines for Students Volunteering at CMRC
1 .         Student contacts principal investigator (PI) to request research position. 

2.         Volunteer Resources
a)  PIís who have not utilized Volunteer Resources in the past are required to contact the volunteer office (ext. 4507) prior to sending a student there for the first time to briefly discuss the volunteer's assignment and complete required paperwork, including a "training checklist".

b)  Students must register with Volunteer Resources if they will be working for more than two weeks. An appointment is necessary for registering. To make an appointment, the students should call ext. 4507.

c)    If student has already been accepted into a research program, Volunteer Resources will
bypass the usual screening interview. The student may be asked their age, but they will not be required to present documentation; so it is up to the PI to ensure that the student is at least
16 years old.

d)   Student must fill out volunteer application.

e)   Statewide felony criminal background check will be performed.

f)    Brief health screening (TB test and immunization check), via Occupational Health.

g)  Volunteer will be issued a volunteer ID badge. Note that this is a non-photo ID. See #3 below for instructions on obtaining photo ID's and proximity cards.

h) Validated/free parking is available to volunteers at the Lincoln Avenue or Clark Street lots. Volunteers pick up the blue stickers necessary to get free parking in the volunteer office.

i)   On the volunteer's first day, the PI provides training, and completes and signs the training checklist created earlier (see "2a" above). The volunteer returns this completed checklist to 
Volunteer Resources.
j)   Volunteers are covered by CMH's liability insurance as long as they are doing work within the scope of their assigned duties as defined in the training checklist for their assignment.

k) Volunteers must keep a log of their hours and turn in this report on a regular basis. This is essential to maintaining the volunteer's active status.