CMRC Children's Memorial Research Center

For Your Safety 

  • When Security is not present it is each employee’s responsibility to screen visitors.
  • After dark it is important to use only the main entrance which is well lighted.
  • Avoid taking after hours short cuts through unlighted areas such as our alleys and even some side streets.
Locked Doors 
  • Why?-to insure that only employees and their visitors are allowed access the building and areas within the building.
  • Our job (yours and mine) is to make sure only authorized persons are allowed in.
  • Be sure doors lock behind you.
  • When Security is present visitors are screened in the lobby.

Your Key Card and You

  • When your keycard is used to open a door it is recorded in the Security database as you having opened the door.
  • Keycards should not be loaned.
  • A lost Keycard should be reported as soon as possible so it can be removed from the system. Report lost keycards to Security at ext. 4222.

Communter Shuttle Service

  • Northwestern Hospital
  • Union, Northwestern, Clybourn, Randolph, And La Salle train stations.

           Check the Point for schedules.

Escort Shuttles

 Shuttle service to the CTA station on Fullerton is available by calling Security at extension 4222.


All garage parking is handled by Standard parking located in the Children’s Garage Office on Lincoln Avenue across from the hospital (2316 Lincoln). The garage manager is Steve at extension 4286.

Visitor's Parking (No Employee Parking)
  • nThe seven parking spaces at the south end of the building are for C.M.I.E.R. visitors only. A visitor may be here to service equipment, a sales visit ,or a personal visit. A sign-in log at the Security desk in the lobby must be filled in or the vehicle will be towed.
  • nThe restricted hours are Mon. thru Fri. 6 O’clock A.M. to 6 O’clock P.M.
  • nAll other times it is open parking.