Visitor Policy

CMRC Visitor Policy
1. Visitor:
A visitor is defined as any non-CMRC person, including CMH employees, requesting entrance to the CMRC facility.
2. Authorized visitor: A person whose visit is sanctioned by a CMRC employee.
3. After Hours: Any time other than normal business hours. During this time a Security Officer is not present.
The CMRC facility is a private institution. Entrance beyond the lobby by other than CMRC employees and authorized visitors is prohibited. Access to restrooms, pay telephones and the soda machine is prohibited. Persons desiring access to restrooms and telephones are referred elsewhere. An exception to this restriction is requests for 911 calls. The security officer will assist anyone needing emergency assistance in accordance with the "Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act" (EMTALA).

Children under the age of 16 years are not allowed above the first floor of CMRC. Pets of any kind are not allowed above the first floor of CMRC as well.

Authorized visitors are generally required to have an appointment with a specific individual. The visitor must sign in at the security desk and receive a visitor’s pass. CMH visitors with a CMH ID are not required to have a visitors pass. The visitor must be met in the lobby and escorted into the facility by the CMRC employee. Salesmen not having appointments are referred to the Purchasing department. Persons seeking employment are referred to the Human Resources department. Inspectors, including Federal, state or city officials are escorted by the individual in charge of the area to be inspected. In the event that the responsible individual is not available, CMRC administration will be notified of the visitor by Security. Engineering personnel will escort facility and structural inspectors. Police serving warrants and process servers will be referred to Risk Management.

All extended stay visiting scholars (more than 10 working days) must go through the CMMC Volunteer office to be registered, oriented and have I.D. and key cards issued.

Persons visiting for special events, board meetings, seminars, social functions, etc. are covered under the CMRC Special Events Guidelines which allow access to the first floor conference rooms and outlines the requirements for access of said groups to other areas of the building.

The security officer on duty will give assistance to any Police and Fire department personnel responding to 911 calls.

The employee sanctioning an after hours visit will be responsible for allowing the visitor access to the building. The responsibility for the visitor rests with the employee sanctioning the visit and rules applying to visitors are to be enforced by the employee. Hospital Security will not give access to the building lobby to visitors after hours, but will contact the employee if an extension or pager number is given to Security by the visitor.

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