Fire Prevention

1. Smoking Policy: CMIER is a smoke-free environment (See Administrative Policy #EC-14 "Smoke-Free Environment").
2. Repair of electrical equipment used at the CMIER building shall be repaired by authorized agent of CMMC. All defective equipment shall be taken out of service until repaired (See Administrative Policy #EC-19 "Repair and Maintenance Requests.
3. Use of Unapproved Electrical Equipment: Employee-owned electrical equipment must conform to CMMC Administrative Policy #EC-27 "Non-Medical Electrical Devices Safety Criteria".
4. Storage and Disposal of Flammable/Combustible Materials: All flammable liquids must be stored in an approved container. All flammable liquids and combustibles will be disposed of in accordance with CMMC Administrative Policy
#EC-24 "Hazardous Materials/Waste Management Program".
5. Report of Unsafe Conditions: It is every employee's responsibility to reportunsafe conditions to his/her supervisor and to the Department of Safety Services.

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