Clinical Trials

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On this page, you will find resources related to industry-sponsored clinical trials reasearch.

OSP Routing Form 

Click to download a copy of the OSP Routing Form.


Check out the Clinical Trial Contracts page for a comprehensive overview of how an industry-sponsored clinical trial is negotiated.

Common Acronyms 

 Click here to view a list of commonly used acronyms in Clinical Trial Contracts.

Fast Facts  

Check out the Clinical Trial Fast Facts page for commonly referenced information about clinical trials.


Need to register your clinical trial study with  Contact of the Clinical Translational Research Program for help!

How to Conduct Clinical Trials Research 

Presentation by Ashley Brummel explaining the ins and outs of clinical research and the role of the clinical research professional.

Study Participant Reimbursement   

Presentation explaining the new and improved process of how to get cash reimbursement for study participants. 

Study Visit Reimburement Form  

Click here for research study visit resources.

How to Budget for Clinical Trials 

Presentation by Kris Martens explaining how to prepare clinical trails budgets.

How to Manage Clinical Trials Awards  

Presentation by Kris Martens explaning how to manage clinical trial study costs, including invoicing and participant enrollment.

Budget Template  

A useful, customizable template to begin drafting your clinical trial budget. 

Cost Comparison Budget Template   

A template to compare CMH study costs to Industry Sponsor's budget offer.

Invoicing and Payments 

Information about how to invoice sponsors for study payments.

Fixed Price Fund Transfer Request Form  

Fund Accounting form to transfer per patient reimbursement charges from one fund account to another.

Link to the Institutional Review Board  

Click on the link to access the the IRB's website.