Office of Sponsored Programs Information

Fast Facts

Need to find information quickly? Try the fast facts page. Click this link to locate information about organizational assurances, the authorized institutional official, and much more.

Grants Managment Outreach Resources

A series of informational outreach sessions designed to assist the entire Children’s Memorial research community on the “ins and outs” of sponsored research administration

LBI Training Sessions (February 2010) 
LBI Fund Reports/Templates/Cost Transfers (Agenda, February 1, 2010)   
Listing of Fund Activity Reports 
Fund Payroll and Transfer Corrections     
Grants Management Training/EPIC Patient Charges Overview (Agenda) 
Study Visit Reimbursement Rollout 
Tips on Exporting LBI Reports  
Tips to Reviewing Professional Charges on Funds 
Viewing Hospital Charges Associated with Research Accounts  

Rate Agreement 

Children’s Memorial Hospital Indirect Cost Rate Agreement

 A-133 Audit Report  

Children’s Memorial Hospital Audit Report

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