Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)                                                                                                   

The Children’s Memorial Research Center (CMRC) is guided by federal regulations and ethical principles intended to ensure the humane care and use of animals in research. All research involving vertebrate animals conducted or authorized under the jurisdiction of CMRC is subject to review by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). This review and IACUC approval must be obtained before a project can begin or before any animals may be ordered. The IACUC and the Office of Research Integrity and Compliance is committed to serving the CMH research community to facilitate the timely review of animal research proposals.


Reporting Concerns Regarding Animal Treatment 

IACUC Office: CMRC, 1st Floor, Research Administration Suite, Room #C.118C, Box #205; Phone: (773) 755-6302      

News and Updates: 

 NEW: FORM 350- Annual External Protocol Tracking

NEW:  IACUC Mailbox- Please send all submission forms; 100, 200, 300, 350, 400, 500, and 600 to the following email address:    

Deadlines and Meeting Dates:   

Below are the IACUC Deadlines and Meeting Schedules.   

De Novo Protocol Submission Deadline Policy  

 Submission Deadlines and Meeting Dates 2011  
Submission Deadlines and Meeting Dates 2012

IACUC Staff and Contact Information:   

The IACUC staff is available to assist in IACUC submission guidelines, federal regulation and general IACUC questions.

Xiao-Di Tan, MD, IACUC Chair

Kristen Kenney, LVT, CPIA
Animal Welfare Program Coordinator - IACUC Office Number: C.118C
Telephone Number:(773) 755-6302

IACUC Mailing Address:
2300 Children’s Plaza, Box 205, Chicago, IL 60614-3394 
Jose M. Hernandez, DVM
Director, Research Support Facility

Telephone Number: (773)-755-6343

Forms & Review Process: 

ASP Form 100- CMRC Animal Study Protocol:

  • New protocol submission and de novo review 
  • For de novo review, the ASP Form 100 should be submitted 2 meeting cycles prior to the expiration date to ensure adequate time for the review process 
  • Additional Species – Appendix B - To be used with the ASP Form 100 for additional species. 
  • To be used for all modifications to protocols including personnel changes.  

CMRC Form 200, Addenda to ASP Form 100
To be used for all modifications to protocols including personnel changes.

CMRC Annual Certification Form 300 - USDA covered species ONLY  
Complete annually, when a de novo review is not due, for protocols involving USDA covered species ONLY.

CMRC Annual External Protocol Tracking Form 350-
To be completed annually for animal work that is being conducted solely at an external institution.

CMRC Annual Rodent Breeding Certification Form 400 
To be completed annually, when a de novo review is not due, for protocols that involve rodent breeding.

CMRC Form 500 Inactivation
To be completed if you would like to inactivate/close a protocol. Please indicate the final disposition of any animals under the protocol.

CMRC Temporary Personnel Addition Form 600
This form is to be used for the addition of temporary personnel, such as summer students, visiting scientists and other temporary personnel who will be at CMRC less than six months.

CMRC Notification of Use of Avian Embryos Form & Policy  

CMRC/RSF Inspections:

Please see the lab checklist and guidance documents to make sure that your lab and work areas are in order. 
Lab Inspection Checklist CMRC off-site 
RSF Semiannual Inspection Guidance Sheet 2008
Semi-Annual Facility Inspection Training Tool: 

Policies and Guidelines:

 IACUC Policy & Procedure Manual  

CMRC RSF Policies & Procedures Manual  

CMRC RSF Visitor Guidelines
CMRC IACUC Standard Policy - Zebrafish   

Policy on Zebrafish Housing Density Requirements
CMRC IACUC Animal Justification Numbers
CMRC IACUC Animal Process for Ordering Animals
Policy for Transfer of Animals 
Policy for Pathogen Testing of Human Material
Policy on Use of Rodent Biologicals in Rodents
Policy on Research Involving Human Specimens 

Policy on Aseptic Technique for Rodent Survival Surgeries 

Guidelines on the Use of Tribromeothanol (Avertin) 

Policy on Tribromoethanol (Avertin) Use in Mice and Rats 

Guidelines Definitions of Non-Survival and Survival Surgery  

Guidelines on Handling BrdU in the Animal Facility 

Policy on Managing Overcrowded Mouse Cages 
CMRC Animal Research Facility Emergency and Disaster Plan  

Occupational Health & Safety  
CMRC Occupational Health and Safety Program

Occupational Health Services Link:  


Useful Links:

Federal Regulations and Policies  

  • Animal Welfare Act  
  • Animal Welfare Regulations (Title 9 of the Code of Federal Regulations)
  • Questions and Answers about the Animal Welfare Act and Its Regulations for Biomedical Research Institutions  
  • Public Health Service Policy on Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animals  
  • Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals  
  • Animal Research Requirements Comparison Table  
  • AVMA Euthanasia Guidelines, June 2007  

Federal Agencies  

  • National Institutes of Health, Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare (OLAW)  
  • Animal Welfare Information Center, U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library  

IACUC Archive Documents
IACUC Presentation: New Review Process and Forms – 1/22/2008
IACUC Review Process Guidelines and Forms