Emergency Info

Emergency Information:

Radiation Safety On Call: 56312 Off Campus (773-880-6930 pager #56312)


  1. NOTIFY: Notify persons in the area that a spill has occurred.
  2. PREVENT THE SPREAD: Cover the spill with absorbent paper.
  3. CLEAN UP: Use disposable gloves and remote handling tongs. Carefully fold the absorbent paper and pad. Insert tongs into a plastic bag and dispose of in the radioactive container. Also insert in to then plastic bag all other contaminated material such as disposable gloves.
  4. SURVEY: With a low range, thin-window G-M survey meter, check the area around the spill, hands and clothing for contamination.
  5. REPORT: Report incident to the Radiation Safety Officer.


  1. CLEAR THE AREA: Notify all persons not involved in the spill to vacate the room.
  2. PREVENT THE SPREAD: Cover the spill with absorbent pads, but do not attempt to clean it up. Confine the movement of all personnel potentially contaminated to prevent the spread.
  3. SHIELD THE SOURCE: If possible, the spill should be shielded, but only if it can be done without further contamination or without significantly increasing your radiation exposure.
  4. CLOSE THE ROOM: Leave the room and close the door(s) to prevent entry.
  5. CALL FOR HELP: Notify the Radiation Safety Officer immediately.
  6. PERSONNEL DECONTAMINATION: Contaminated clothing should be removed and stored for further evaluation by the Radiation Safety Officer. If the spill is on the skin, flush thoroughly and them wash with mild soap and lukewarm water.

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