Sequencing Core

Introduction to the DNA Sequencing Core

The DNA Sequencing Core provides CMRC investigators access to high-quality automated DNA Sequencing technology on a recharge basis. The cost of this service compares favorably with similar cores at other institutions, as does the quality of the data obtained. Turnaround time is very short; results are put into each PI’s folder in the CMRC server within 48-72 hours of sample submission. This document provides basic information for clients of the Core.

Description of service:

The Core accepts DNA samples (pure plasmids, mini-prep plasmids, M13 clones, PCR products, gel isolated fragments) and processes them according to protocols for Applied Biosystems DNA Sequencers (Model 3730). One sequencing run (one template, one primer) typically produces 600 nucleotides of high-quality sequence data or more. The results are in two forms: a text file and a chromatogram file. Those files will be put into specific folders of the CMRC server.

Standard primers are provided:

Many sequencing reactions require standard primers such as T7, T3, SP6, M13-forward or M-13-reverse. The core provides these primers free of charge. We will also sequence using custom primers submitted by the individual investigators.

Online request form:

Sequencing requests can be submitted through the following link:

DNA Sequencing Core Request Form

Cost of service:

The basic cost of DNA sequencing is $8.00 for complete service and $5.00 for sample running only. For all CMRC members: prices are $4.00 for complete service and $2.00 for sample running. Template preparation is also available at an additional cost.

Results returned:

When your samples have been completed, we will call you to inform your results are ready to be viewed.

The results are available on our CMRC server, which can be accessed by clicking one of the following links:

DNA Sequencing Core Data Server (PC)

DNA Sequencing Core Data Server (Mac)

You will a need login and password in order to connect.

How to Contact Us:

Please feel free to call the Core Manager, Christina Smith, at 755-6308. CMRC Room C.558