Shared Facilities

Children’s Memorial Research Center members enjoy use of core facilities and services, including:

Outstanding expertise in study design and statistical analysis of data; automated DNA sequencing technology; flow cytometry; isolation of and research on stem cells; access to, technical support and training on microscopes and digital image processing; library services and collections; and research histology services.


Biostatistics Research Core 

The BRC's mission is to provide statistical services to all Children's Memorial investigators, thereby strengthening the research enterprise. The director is Deli Wang, MD PhD, who joined the research center in 2009. The BRC works to meet the statistical needs of all investigators at Children’s Memorial. The BRC provides statistical support and consultation for researchers in basic science, clinical science, and population based research areas.


DNA Sequencing Core 

The Sequencing Core provides research center investigators access to high-quality automated DNA sequencing technology on a recharge basis. The cost of this service compares favorably with similar cores at other institutions, as does the quality of the data obtained. Turnaround time is very short; results are put into each PI’s folder in the CMRC server within 48-72 hours of sample submission.

Fish Facility 

The research center supports a shared fish facility for the rearing and maintenance of zebrafish, directed by Jacek Topczewski, PhD. In the past few years the fish facility was dramatically expanded to accommodate the growing needs of investigators studying problems of development and cancer biology, neurobiology and regeneration. The fish facility supports research projects from six research center laboratories. In addition, investigators from Northwestern University (Chicago and Evanston campuses), DePaul University and University of Illinois at Chicago have also used the facility resources.


Flow Cytometry Facility 

The Flow Cytometry Facility is equipped with a user-friendly FACSCalibur flow cytometer available for use by investigators at the research center. The flow cytometer provides a convenient way to perform live cell immunophenotyping, viability study and DNA analysis.


iPS and Human Stem Cell Core Facility 

The iPS and Human Stem Cell Core Facility isolates and studies the biology of stem cells. The focus is genetic regulation of lineage, utilization for therapy and the study of human disease. We are establishing partnerships with IVF clinics nationwide and developing tools for induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS).


Microscopy and Imaging Facility 

The Microscopy and Imaging Facility is a shared resource with full access to the Children’s Memorial research community. Our researchers have unlimited access to the latest and best technological tools. The facility also provides technical support and training on our instruments, including light and fluorescent microscopes, confocal laser scanning microscopes, digital image processing and analysis and darkroom facilities.

LSM 700 2 

Pritzker Research Library 

The Pritzker Research Library provides services and collections for the Children’s Memorial research community. Literature searches, funding opportunity searches, current awareness, interlibrary loans and training are offered. A collection of journal articles published by members is maintained, and recent articles are made available on publication. The library’s website lists numerous resources, including databases and protocols.


Research Histology 

The Research Histology Facility at Children’s Memorial Hospital assists investigators by providing high quality research histology services. We produce sections from frozen and paraffin-embedded tissues, and routine hematoxylin and eosin stained slides; and perform special stains and immunohistochemistry. With these tools, investigators are able to evaluate the pathologic consequences of disease processes in a quick, cost-effective and reproducible manner.

Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center Shared Research Core Facilities 

The Lurie Cancer Center funds shared facilities and resources that provide services, equipment and expertise that are fundamental to understanding the basic biology and clinical manifestations of cancer. These facilities and resources are accessible to all Lurie Cancer Center members and support its mission to foster basic clinical and translational research in the mechanisms and treatment of cancer.