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Recent Publications

Bimber, B., Dettman, R.W. and Simon, H.-G. (2007). Differential regulation of Tbx5 protein expression and sub-cellular localization during heart development.Developmental Biology 302: 230-242.

Camarata, T., Bimber, B., Kulisz, A., Yeung, J., Chew, T.L., and Simon, H. G. (2006). LMP4 regulates Tbx5 protein sub-cellular localization and activity. Journal of Cell Biology 174: 339-348.

Imokawa, Y., Gates, P.B., Chang, Y.-T., Simon, H.-G., Brockes, J.P. (2004). Distinctive expression of Myf5 in relation to differentiation and plasticity of newt muscle cells. International Journal of Developmental Biology 48: 285-291.

Krause, A., Zacharias, W., Linkhart, B., Camarata, T., Law, E., Lischke, A., Miljan, E., Simon, H.-G. (2004). Tbx5 and Tbx4 Transcription factors interact with a new chicken PDZ-LIM protein in limb and heart development. Developmental Biology 273: 106-120.

Isphording, D., Leylek, A.L., Yeung, J., Mischel, A., and Simon, H.-G. (2004). T-box genes and congenital heart/limb malformations. Clinical Genetics 66: 253-264.

Stock, S.A., Blackburn, D., Gradassi, M., Simon, H.-G. (2003). Bone formation during forelimb regeneration: A microtomography (MicroCT) analysis. Developmental Dynamics 226: 410-417.

Simon, H.-G. (2002). mRNA differential display strategies in birds and amphibians. Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 59: 1264-1273.

Khan, P., Linkhart, B., Simon H.-G. (2002). Different regulation of T-box genes Tbx4 and Tbx5 during limb development and limb regeneration. Developmental Biology 250: 383-392.

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