Technology Transfer

Physicians and scientists at Children’s Memorial are actively engaged in ground-breaking research that uncovers new technologies that may lead to cures and treatments for diseases that affect children and their families. These new technologies are licensed to commercial partners for further development and eventual commercialization.

Although the research center does not undertake research or developmental work principally for the purpose of developing patents and commercial applications, patentable inventions sometimes result from the research activities carried out wholly or in part with research center funds and facilities. It is the policy of the research center to assure the utilization of such inventions for the common good and, where necessary, to pursue patents and licenses to encourage their development and marketing.

Children’s Memorial Medical Center has established its policies and procedures with respect to inventions, patents and technology transfer in order to:

a. Promote the medical center’s policy of encouraging scientific research and scholarship;

b. Serve the public interest by providing an organizational structure and procedures through which intellectual property that arises in the course of medical center research may be made readily available to the public through established channels of commerce;

c. Encourage, assist and provide tangible reward to medical center personnel and contractors who make intellectual property processed under this policy;

d. Establish principles and uniform procedures for determining the rights and obligations of the medical center, creators and sponsor with respect to intellectual property arising during the creator’s association with the medical center;

e. Enable the medical center to enter into institutional agreements with federal research funding agencies; and

f. Produce funds for further scientific investigation and research and for the overall needs of the medical center.

Working closely with the Technology Transfer Advisory Committee of the Children's Memorial Research Center Board of Directors to accomplish these objectives, Children’s Memorial has licensed technologies to industrial partners for further development and commercialization. Some of the technologies that are presently available include:

  • Biomarkers for cancer diagnostics and therapies  
  • Mechanisms for delivering gene therapy to targeted organs  
  • Animal models for neurological disorders such as autism  
  • Mechanisms for detecting and measuring the progression of neurological diseases  
  • New models for improving the care and treatment of children with gastrointestinal disorders  

For more information about available technologies, please contact Philip V. Spina, CRA